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What are Other Specifications Considered During an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey?

Land Survey Plat

There are certain requirements that we at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC must abide by in each ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey we complete. But with regard to other survey responsibilities and specifications as outlined by the client, there are many that are covered in the initial phase of booking an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.

The form that clients fill out (with or without the help of their land surveyor) is referred to as ‘Table A’, and this can be confusing for the property developer that is unfamiliar with what they can have included in their ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.

We want to look more closely at each in today’s blog so you can go into your ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey feeling more prepared and with a more comprehensive understanding of where potential costs of this integral land survey are being applied.

Optional Survey Responsibilities and Specifications in Table A of an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

Table A for ALTA/NSPS Survey

Below, you will find a brief outline of each of the optional survey responsibilities and specifications that each of our clients can mark to be completed during their ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey and provided in the final deliverables:

  1. Placing Monuments on Boundary Corners - This is the one item on this list that is automatically included in ALL ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys. During the survey, we place markers at the boundaries of the parcel.

  2. Address of the Surveyed Property - This is provided if disclosed to the surveyor or obtained by them.

  3. Flood Zone Classification - Is the parcel in a known flood zone? Do you need to provide that to an insurance provider? This can be disclosed in your ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.

  4. Gross Land Area - This is the exact measurement of acreage of a commercial or residential parcel.

  5. Vertical Relief - When an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey includes vertical relief, it refers to showing the contours of the land incorporated on the plat.

  6. Various Zoning Requirements - This option has a part A and part B to it. Part A states that if current zoning classifications, setback requirements, parking requirements, and more are provided to the surveyor, they can be listed on the plat or map. Part B states that if zoning setback requirements do not need to be interpreted by the surveyor, they can be graphically depicted on the plat.

  7. Exterior Dimensions of All Buildings - This information includes the square footage of the exterior footprint of all buildings at ground level, the measured height of all buildings above the grade, and other client specifications.

  8. Substantial Features - When we observe characteristics of a parcel, such as swimming pools, parking lots, and billboards, we can document these on the deliverables.

  9. Spots in Parking Lots - We can actually note clearly identifiable parking spaces and what type of parking spaces they are on your plat.

  10. Division or Property Walls - Here is where we note any divisions or party walls with respect to adjoining parcels in the area we are performing the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.

  11. Any Underground Utilities - We document any presence of underground utilities on the parcel that is receiving the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, either as provided by the client or by markings provided by a private utility locale request.

  12. Government Agency Survey-Related Requirements - This can include HUD surveys or surveys for leases on Bureau of Land Management managed lands. These must be provided by the client or an associated representative.

  13. Adjoining Property Owner Names - With this request from our client, we can provide the name and tax records of the primary owner of any adjoining parcels.

  14. Intersecting Streets - We provide the distance to the nearest intersecting streets to the parcel we perform an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey for.

  15. Orthophotography or Photogrammetric Mapping - When these methods are implemented to document certain parcel features where ground measurements are not needed, ramifications must be discussed and thereafter, disclosed.

  16. Recent Earth Work - If land was moved via earth work, or if building constructions or additions have been made, we will document those on your plat.

  17. Street Construction - We will incorporate any evidence of street or sidewalk construction, as well as proposed street right of way line changes, in your plat as discovered during an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.

  18. Identification of Off-Site Easements - We disclose these in your plat if they are provided to us or obtained by us during an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.

  19. Professional Liability Insurance Policy - This is in effect throughout the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey process and a certificate of insurance is furnished upon request. This will NOT be included on the face of the plat.

  20. Additional Items - The final item in Table A is a blank section where a client and surveyor can negotiate additional items that are needed in their ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey.

Have Questions? We at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC Have the Answers!

Location Pin on Land in Colorado

Having read these additional responsibilities and specifications that can be included in your ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, are you still unsure about why you may consider having any of those included?

Being a licensed and insured PLS Land Surveyor as well as industry experts in all the necessary steps to completing an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey in the state of Colorado, we at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC can help! We provide all of our clients with more information about each of these optional responsibilities and specifications facilitated during an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, and we can even help you select what is best for your property.

Serving property owners and developers in Colorado counties that include El Paso, Crowley, Douglas, Elbert, Fremont, Lincoln, Pueblo, and Teller, Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC is ready to complete your ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey! Book by connecting with the team at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC here now.

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