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Engineering Design Surveys in Colorado Springs and Beyond

Engineering surveys require the expertise of a surveying company that understands the complexities of full-scale construction projects. When it comes time to build a large structure or road, it is often critical to engage an engineering surveyor to assess various components of the project. While Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC does not offer any direct engineering services, we partner with clients to provide high-quality engineering design surveys in Colorado Springs and throughout the state.


Engineering surveys and services are used for a variety of different construction projects. While many people associate the use of surveying in civil engineering with significant structural works, they are also very commonly used for roads, highways, and other critical infrastructure projects.

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Engineering surveys are often the best way to develop a comprehensive plan for a particular project, especially considering the complexity of some landscapes.

Our topographic surveys can help assess various components of a project, including volume, topography, property boundaries, and other critical factors. No matter what type of engineering survey your project requires, our team of land surveyors have the experience you need to get your project started on the right foot. We have the expertise to provide these services for commercial as well as for residential projects.

Here are the various engineering survey services we offer to our clients at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC:

Topographic Exhibit

  • A map that provides graphic elevation and topographic data through the use of contour lines

  • Much more in-depth than a traditional boundary survey

  • Displays hills, streams, rocks, drainage patterns, and other critical features

  • Displays structures and other improvements

  • Utilized by engineers, builders, and architects to aid the design process

  • Contour lines can be custom set to specific intervals

  • Useful for helping determine new structure location, natural feature removal, and other critical components of the construction process

Site Plan

  • A site plan provides a straightforward outline of a prospective construction site

  • In many cases, a city or local authority may request this type of plan, along with additional subdivision resources

  • The plan also includes easements and other critical elements of the property


  • An initial topographic survey is performed to find the volume of a site and to gain necessary data on elevation

  • Surface data points are then determined based on information provided from the topographic survey

  • Our team then calculates the volume


  • Develops survey controls that can be utilized throughout a project

  • Very popular on large construction projects

  • Also very popular with subdivision projects

  • May also set control standards for a city or local authority

Aerial Mapping

  • Used to efficiently map both horizontal and vertical features of a parcel of land

  • Often utilized for large areas

  • Determines the correct vertical and horizontal controls before producing the aerial photos

  • Aerial targets positioned on different parts of the parcel of land

  • Additional data or information is often provided to the surveyor for incorporation

  • Items such as fire hydrants or other artificial elements can be included even if they are not in the aerial photos

  • In some instances, critical components of the map may be distorted by items, such as trees or bushes

  • In the case that an aerial map is not detailed, we can offer additional resources that provide the necessary match points

Right of Way Acquisition Map

  • Displays a prospective corridor or right-of-way

  • Determines the current owner of the property

Get in Touch for a Free Estimate


If you have any questions about our engineering surveys, we are happy to discuss your project in more detail. While our team at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC does not provide any direct engineering services, our engineering surveys give you the tools you need to start your next project. It is critical to use a team that prioritizes professionalism and accuracy, considering the complexity of many significant engineering works.

Utilizing engineering survey services can help you reduce the overall cost of your construction project. By using high-quality surveying services to prepare for your job, you will be able to avoid costly mistakes and delays. Understanding your landscape and its challenges will equip your engineering team with what they need to design the most suitable structures.

If you do need a topographic survey, we provide free quotes on all prospective jobs. Get in touch with our team at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC to discuss the details of your project.

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