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Residential Land Surveyor in Colorado Springs

At Apex land Surveying and Mapping LLC, we have over 30 years of experience helping residential property owners get the land surveying services they need. Whether you are a current property owner or a future property owner, it is critical to employ a surveying team that can help you assess various components of your property and its boundaries. By using an experienced team in the industry, you can rest assured that you will benefit from our status as the most reliable residential land surveyor in Colorado Springs.

Below, you can take a more in-depth look at the residential land surveying services that we offer to our clients.

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Improvement Location Certificate (ILC)

ILCs are used by title insurers and mortgage companies to reduce risk during the underwriting process. Both of these parties require assurances that improvements do not interfere with the current boundary lines. Without taking this measure, they may be open to financial risk.

While an ILC is not a full residential lot survey, it will typically satisfy mortgage companies and title companies that there are not any property line encroachments.

Why get an ILC:

  • Purchasing or selling a residential property

  • Refinancing a residential property

Improvement Survey Plat (ISP)

ISPs unearth your property’s exact corners to identify your property lines. ISPs are typically used during the building process or when a property owner wants to determine their precise property boundaries for future improvements or additions. ISPs will display improvements located within 5 feet of your current property lines, as well as improvements inside the subject parcel. They also detail easements of record, rights-of-way, and visible utilities.

Why get an ISP:

  • Building a residential structure

  • Constructing a new residential wall or fence

  • Calculating square footage for taxation

  • Determining improvements that interfere with property lines

  • Identifying easements of record

  • Utilizing data for townhouses

  • Determining if other parties have rights to the land

Land Survey Plat (LSP)

LSPs also unearth your missing property lines to help you identify your property’s exact boundaries. Not only do these residential plot surveys identify corners and boundary lines, but they also display rights-of-way and easements of record. Unlike ISPs, LSPs will not show any improvements on your property.

Why get an LSP:

  • Determining the exact location of a property’s corners

  • Calculating square footage for taxation

  • Determining if other parties have rights to the land

  • Determining if there are any easements of record

Condominium Maps

Condominium maps are used to restore missing property corners and identify official boundary lines for residential condos. In addition to its core function, this type of residential property boundary survey will also display visible utilities, easements of record, rights-of-way, and any improvements within 5 feet of your property boundary. Furthermore, individual condominiums are surveyed for volume and square footage.

For those who require it, this residential survey is also useful for illustrating shared areas within the property. Speak with our team at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC if this is an additional service that you need.

Why get a condominium map map:

  • Selling or purchasing a condominium

  • Determining the square footage of each condominium

  • Illustrating the shared areas of the property

  • Identifying the easements of record

  • Determining improvements that interfere with property lines

  • Determining if anyone else has rights to the property

  • Defining the exact corners of the property

  • Determining square footage for taxation

Topographic Exhibit/Map

Topographic exhibits use contour lines to illustrate the current topographic terrain of your residential property. Like ILCs, a topographic exhibit/map will also display any structures within 5 feet of your property’s boundary lines. These residential topographic surveys can help you analyze draining and assess grading.

Why get a topographic exhibit/map:

  • Displaying the nature of the terrain

  • Using during the building process

  • Using during the grading process

  • Calculating volume

  • Analyzing drainage

  • Determining elevation

  • Issuing a FEMA Elevation Certificate

  • Using for a subdivision plat

Dispute Resolution

Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC provides expert dispute resolution services that can help you protect your interests during a residential property dispute. We assist our clients by providing expert insights into precise property boundaries. We help you understand property law, property boundaries, and your rights throughout the dispute process. If needed, we can testify in court on behalf of clients who need an expert witness.

Why get a dispute resolution:

  • Evidence in a boundary dispute with a neighbor

  • For adverse possession

  • Surveyor testimony for court

  • To identify potential issues with your property boundaries

  • To develop a property boundary exhibit

Building and Improvement Layout

Our team at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC performs a building and improvement layout by staking out the relevant corners and building points for a new residential structure. This is done before construction to instruct builders on the correct measurements and boundaries of the new structure. Workers will use these staked points as they start to pour the foundation.

Why get a building and improvement layout:

  • Constructing a residential property

  • Building an addition to a residential property

  • Creating improvements to a residential property

Parcel, Easement, and Vacation Descriptions

You can obtain one of these three descriptions depending on your property’s requirements. Parcel descriptions detail the portions of your land that are not currently subdivided. Easement descriptions describe parts of land that are available for public use or crossing. Vacation descriptions detail areas of your residential property (such as public areas and rights-of-way) that you are transferring to neighboring property owners.

Why get a parcel, easement, and vacation description:

  • A detailed description of your property’s boundaries

  • To vacate land

  • To alter or create an easement

Flood Services

As a residential flood services expert, Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC is able to provide a range of property elevation services. Our services can help you determine your current property elevation and flood risk. Our flood services include ILCs, boundary recovery services, LOMA applications, and FEMA flood elevation certificates.

We are also happy to provide stake marking on your property. This service is useful if you need to rebuild a residential property due to flooding damage.

Why get flood services:

  • Grading certificates for lot grade direction

  • LOMA application to change flood designation

  • Verifying setbacks

  • FEMA elevation certificates

  • Verifying heights are complying with local building codes

Contact Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC to Discuss Our Residential Services

If you require any of the residential services discussed here, get in touch with our team to discuss your particular needs. At Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC, we work closely with residential clients to protect their interests. We offer free estimates for all residential land surveying and mapping services. Call us today to get started!

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