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How Do I Subdivide My Land in the State of Colorado?

LSP and ISP services by Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC

Subdividing a large parcel of land in Colorado involves careful planning, a thorough understanding of state and local regulations, and most importantly, the assistance of professional land surveying services.

As a professional land surveying and mapping company operating in Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities, Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC has two services that make this process simple: A Land Survey Plat (LSP) and a Subdivision Plat.

Among the key steps in subdividing land, obtaining either a Land Survey Plat (LSP) or a Subdivision Plat are vital to the process. Both play pivotal roles in ensuring the subdivision process meets legal requirements while also serving the property owner's interests. In this blog, we will delve into the specifics of these two land surveying services and the specifics surrounding when to obtain which one.

Subdivide Land with a Land Survey Plat

A beautiful landscape in Colorado Springs.

A Land Survey Plat (LSP) is a critical first step in subdividing land in Colorado. This document is a detailed map created by us that outlines the boundaries of a property. It includes measurements, boundary locations, the shapes of the parcel, and any easements or encroachments affecting the property.

With an LSP, the identification of the exact dimensions of the land before any subdivision plan is put into motion is made simple. This works well for larger tracts of land, as this process will avoid triggering the subdivision process with your particular municipality and county ordinances in Colorado.

By accurately mapping the property with an LSP, landowners and developers can avoid legal disputes over boundaries and ensure that their subdivision plans comply with local zoning and land-use regulations. Additionally, an LSP can help identify potential issues with the land that could impact the subdivision process, such as natural features or existing infrastructure that must be preserved or worked around.


The Traditional Subdivision Plat Process

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The Subdivision Plat process is different from obtaining an LSP in that this focuses on breaking any parent parcel into smaller lots less than 35 acres. Following your county or local municipality ordinances, a Minor Subdivision Plat or Subdivision Plat can be utilized. You can also use a Subdivision Plat to reconfigure multiple smaller lots into one bigger lot as well, again with local county and municipal approval.

The deliverables of a Subdivision Plat are also more complex and detailed than what comes from an LSP. A Subdivision Plat not only shows the boundaries and measurements of the original parcel but also demonstrates how the land will be divided into much smaller lots. Moreover, it includes the layout of streets, utility lines, public areas, and any other infrastructure necessary for the development of the new parcels.

Think of a Subdivision Plat process as being a closer look at much smaller lots, whereas an LSP is a more broad view of a larger parcel of land that can be divided into 35 acre or larger parcels. Once complete, Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC submits your Subdivision Plat to local authorities for approval and, once approved, is recorded with the county. This recorded document becomes the legal basis for selling or developing the newly created subdivided lots.

Understanding What Service You Need

As mentioned, both a Land Survey Plat and Subdivision Plat help in appropriately dividing larger parcels of land. The key difference is in the size of the parcel of land being subdivided into what method to use.

All told, the Land Survey Plat process is less complicated and typically does not trigger the local, municipal, or county requirements that traditional subdivision processes create. However, using an LSP to subdivide land does come with the requirement that you divide the land into lots that are at a minimum of 35 acres. A Subdivision Plat is your traditional way to subdivide land into smaller parcels that can be below that 35 acre requirement.

Do you own a large plot of land in the state of Colorado and need to subdivide it? Contact Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC today for more information about this process. We will provide you with precision land surveying services and appropriate deliverables for your development project!


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