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Once You Book an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, What Follows?

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

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You chose to book an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, Land Survey Plat, or Improvement Survey Plat with Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC, and submitted all the necessary information, and sent it our way. But often, clients are then left with questions about the process of an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey and how all of those processes are actually completed.

Having addressed the reasons behind commercial land developers needing an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey in last month’s blog (of which you can read here), we want to now educate our clients on this intricate process, as full transparency into the land surveying industry is of vital importance to us. That way, we can keep our valued clients involved in the purchase and development of their commercial properties, as well as our residential clients on the intricacies of the Boundary retracement survey and Land Survey Plat or Improvement Survey Plat.

Apex Full Boundary Retracement and Land Survey Plat Process

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey equipment in action.

So once our team at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC takes in a client’s specific information via a completed formal proposal, retainer payment has been received, and we lock in a start date for your ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, the real work begins.

We have a comprehensive three-step process for all clients that book an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey with us. Here, we have broken down this process for clients to understand where the work is getting done and how it benefits your commercial land purchase and development project across the state of Colorado:

Step One: Conducting Research

The opening of our first step in conducting an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey is to pull the deeds for both the subject parcel (the property our client owns), and adjoining parcels.

If the subject parcel is a lot or a block in a subdivision, we must pull the original Subdivision Plat as well as any other previous survey-related documents from the county records. This includes:

  • Nearby documented surveys

  • Easements of record

  • Adjoining deeds

  • Any other survey related information that we deem necessary

From there, it is time for the preparatory stages of step two, where we carefully analyze all the data collected in this first step and produce initial computations for field work.

Step Two: Field Work

A land surveyor hard at work

Now, the field work of an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey can commence! An assigned surveyor from Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC will arrive at the subject parcel and search for what are referred to as “original monuments”. These are also known as Property Corners, Pins, or a variety of other colloquialisms common to our industry.

If we are able to locate the original monuments, we will proceed to mark them precisely where they currently are. We wrap an identifier, such as a pink or orange ribbon, around the original monuments and place a 2-to-4 foot wood lath next to it to make it easier to find. If we discover that any original corners are missing, the client need not worry — A full boundary retracement and Land Survey Plat will reestablish those.

Once all corners are found or reestablished, our team walks the boundary with our client at the conclusion of fieldwork (per client availability). But if a client cannot be present for this walkthrough, the marked corners are easily identifiable.

Step Three: Drafting of ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Deliverable

Setting up land surveying equipment

Here we are at the final step, and the portion where we create the physical takeaway that our client will receive: Drafting of the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Deliverable. This is an actual visual depiction of the subject parcel, and shows the following pertinent information:

  • All corners found or set with field measurements versus record measurements

  • Address all optional “Table A” items as negotiated between the client and Surveyor

  • Any fences, utilities, or improvements on or along the boundary lines

  • Any encroachments (areas of concern)

  • Review of and plotting of any graphic depictions of any exceptions to the title commitment

After final payment is made, we will email the PDF of the Certified ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey to the client. If they discover that they need a Land Survey Plat or Improvement Survey Plat in lieu of an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, this is made possible by a simple upgrade and additional fee at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC. To learn more about the differences between a Land Survey Plat and an Improvement Survey Plat, please click here to read our past blog post about the topic.

Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC Provides Expert-Level ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

Remember: If you are planning to purchase and develop a commercial property, an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey is an absolute necessity, and the team at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC works to make the process simple and transparent.

We have a licensed and insured PLS Land Surveyor that facilitates your ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey. We provide this comprehensive land survey for property owners and developers in Colorado counties that include El Paso, Crowley, Douglas, Elbert, Fremont, Lincoln, Pueblo, and Teller.

If you would like more information or to book an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, please connect with Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC here to begin.


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