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The Elements of a Topographic Survey

Land Survey Plat

There are a plethora of land surveying and mapping options that we at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC provide to the Colorado Springs as well as along the front range area. In one way or another, our goal is to document a parcel of land for development and help our clients get the data they need to proceed.

Topographic Surveys are among those services, and are extremely valuable in their own right, especially for the diverse client bases that we serve. A topographic survey provides additional data on the terrain and elevation of a parcel of land, as well as its structures and improvements (also known as planimetrics) and any other features of the landscape itself.

What We Consider During a Topographic Survey

When conducting a topographic survey, we take all components of a specific parcel of land into consideration. This includes bodies of water, rocks, changes in the physical nature of the terrain, structures, fences, and more. A topographic survey may also encompass the entire perimeter of a property boundary, or at times, only a portion of a property boundary.

In addition to conventional and GPS Surveying methods “boots on the ground” surveys. Depending on accuracy and precision standards needed, aerial photogrammetry, lidar scanning with both drones and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology are other methods that can be used in gathering topographic data elements in the field.

But what we at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC have discovered recently is that while topographic surveys are a popular selection for the many clients that come our way, we want to highlight some of the specifics surrounding these integral property surveys. This includes who topographic surveys are intended for and what kind of deliverables you can expect when the process is concluded.

Client Demographics: Who Benefits from a Topographic Survey?

Topographic surveys and the deliverables that we at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC provide to customers covers quite an extensive area of applications. It is difficult to pinpoint one category of client that this intricate type of land surveying best suits, as we get requests from professionals in all areas of land parcel development.

From engineers, architects, and property developers, to municipalities, utility design specialists, and oil and gas workers, all of these individuals use the topographic data from topographic surveys to interpret the current conditions of a parcel of land.

To touch on a few more specifically, here are some of the main beneficiaries of topographic surveys at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC:

Land Developers and Builders - Topographic surveys help these individuals understand the lay of the land, including slopes, elevations, and depressions. This information is critical for planning construction projects, drainage systems, and landscaping. Property owners might require topographic surveys for various reasons that include boundary disputes and building permits.

Architects and Engineers - These professionals rely on topographic surveys for designing buildings, roads, and other characteristics of a parcel of land that affect infrastructure. Accurate topography helps in creating designs that are safe, efficient, and appropriate to the terrain.

Environmental Planners and Scientists - The essential data that environmental planners and scientists need impact their assessments of the land in question. Our deliverables help in understanding how proposed developments might affect characteristics like the local ecosystem, water flow, and soil stability. This also applies to farmers and agricultural planners as well.

Utility Companies - For planning and laying out utility lines, such as water, gas, and electricity, understanding the topography is essential to avoid costly mistakes and inefficiencies. This can also pertain to cell tower utility design and land development of all or just a portion of the property.

The Deliverables from Our Topographic Surveys

Much like the other land surveying and mapping services available to you, topographic surveys provide deliverables that are necessary items in the land development process. Largely, we at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC provide clients that book a topographic survey with the following deliverables at the time of completion:

Topographic Exhibits - In addition to traditional topographic surveys, we also provide clients with advanced topographic exhibits. These exhibits offer a physical display of the topographic data discovered in the survey we conduct on your parcel of land. These exhibits are useful for illustrating the various components of a property and its structures. The benefit of topographic exhibits is that they help you avoid costly mistakes during the construction process.

Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) - We can provide our clients with advanced Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) of their properties. Instead of a traditional survey, DTM provides a digital depiction of the topographical aspects of the property. This is yet another excellent tool for illustrating the topography of a building site.

Digital CAD File Deliverables - Engineers, architects, and developers alike often require a digital deliverable to utilize with their design or GIS models. A digital CAD file can be provided following your topographic survey, featuring intricate contours and planimetric data for your design.​

Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC - Offering Top-Tier Topographic Surveys in the Colorado Springs Area

When you require a topographic survey done for your parcel of land here in the greater Colorado Springs area, do not risk hiring a random source for the job.

Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC is a fully licensed and insured PLS Land Surveyor as well as industry experts in professional topographic surveys here in the state of Colorado. We are able to facilitate the deliverables necessary for your land development project or other needs that pertain to a specific parcel of land.

To start, we encourage you to click here to fill out our order form and let us know more information about the land you need a topographic survey conducted on and likewise, more about your goal with the property. We serve property owners, developers, and other clients along the front range Colorado counties that include El Paso, Crowley, Douglas, Elbert, Fremont, Lincoln, Pueblo, and Teller.


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