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The Waiver of Replat: A Key Tool in Land Development

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Need to redevelop or rework a plot of land and are concerned that this may balloon into an extensive and potentially limiting process?

Here at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC, we have a real easy solution to the woes that come from working to redevelop your parcel that can actually help you skip over what is your biggest perceived problem — Obtaining a waiver of replat to make your property development or redevelopment efforts nice and simple.

But as always, we like to start by examining the foundations of any service we provide here at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC. Distinguishing what a waiver of replat is is most important before determining if your property is eligible for one or what the benefits are of having one.

Defining a Waiver of Replat

A waiver of replat is a legal document that allows property owners to modify or reconfigure their land without going through the standard and often lengthy process of replatting. So what is replatting?

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Replatting typically involves subdividing a piece of land into smaller lots, combining lots into a larger parcel, or altering the existing boundaries. It is a process that usually requires approval from local government authorities here in Colorado Springs and can involve numerous steps including public hearings and adherence to zoning regulations.

On the other hand, a waiver of replat provides a much more streamlined alternative to this intricate process. It allows minor changes to be made to the property without the full replatting process. This can include building new additions to existing structures, ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Unit), garages, or minor changes that do not significantly impact the overall layout or use of the land.

Saving You Trouble with a Waiver of Replat

Knowing just how time consuming certain processes involved in replatting a property can take, especially with local government, you can understand that a waiver of replat is the best shortcut you can get!

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The primary two benefits of a waiver of replat from Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC relate exclusively to time and cost savings. Once obtained, you will find that this waiver makes everything a far simpler process, often involving less paperwork and fewer bureaucratic hurdles that we all know take up time and may accrue extra expenses.

But aside from those benefits, this waiver process can be less disruptive to the community. Since it is used for minor changes to a property, it typically does not require the same level of public scrutiny or impact studies as a full replatting process does.

Is Your Property Eligible for a Waiver of Replat?

The fact that there are specific criteria that a property must fall within to obtain a waiver of replat is exactly why we at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC strive to educate our clients on what we do.

Properties eligible to apply for waiver of replat here in the greater Colorado Springs area must satisfy the criteria we will now explore.

First and foremost, the property that is obtaining a waiver of replat from our team here at Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC have to be defined by a certain specific legal description. Any one of the following four is appropriate:

  • The consolidation of multiple whole platted lots

  • The parcel is a lot of record

  • Portions of one or more platted lots and the parcel contains the minimum lot area and minimum width for the zone district the property is located in

  • A platted lot and an unplatted portion of vacated right of way

Secondly, if the legal description of the subject property consists of a portion of one or more platted lots, you must provide proof that the current property owner of the subject parcel was not involved in any illegal subdivision of said parcel.

Thirdly, the owner of the subject parcel must agree to dedicate rights of way. This is normally required as a condition of a replat. The owner must also dedicate the right of way by a separate deed and pay for the preparation and recording of the deed.

Those are the three leading requirements for waiver of replat eligibility, but further criteria includes the following:

  • No major public improvements such as drainage structures are required

  • Approved direct access to an existing public street must be present

  • The applicant must agree to pay any fees normally paid prior to recording the replat

  • The applicant must agree to dedicate utility and access easements

  • No structures can exist across external property lines

Get Your Waiver of Replat from Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC!

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The waiver of replat is a valuable tool for property owners looking to make minor adjustments to their land. It offers a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to the traditional replatting process, while still ensuring that changes are made in compliance with local regulations.

For those in the immediate Colorado Springs area and any of the surrounding communities, Apex Land Surveying and Mapping LLC stands out as a reliable partner. We help navigate this process, offering professional guidance and expertise by way of our land surveying and mapping services.

By contacting our team, we can get you more in-depth information about obtaining a Waiver of Replat and quickly help you determine if your property is eligible for a waiver of replat. This saves you time and stress when it comes to developing your property, so be sure to click here to connect with us directly today.


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